About Me

I am Jamil. I create stuff. This is my personal blog.

My company QuarkSpring is currently building an online CRM app for life and health coaches called Coaches Flow that’s going to help people who’s life work is to help others reach their potential be even more awesome.

Occasionally I take on interesting side projects – stuff which attempt to mash-up apps or data in new, strange ways.

I love using APIs to automate things – We are entering a API and automation driven computing age right now.

I like to build the big red button everyone wants that says “Make this problem go away”.

I have over 25 years of software engineering and software architecture  experience in areas ranging from SaaS projects, to complex desktop applications to n-tiered enterprise systems to eCommerce web applications. I primarily lean on Open Source technologies (am currently partial to Python, PHP, and NoSQL databases) but have done considerable work with the Microsoft stack as well.

I help teams write great software. I am currently building a software startup. I like maps and most things geo-geek. I worked at a software company building GIS and web apps for many years.

I think dogs are cool. I have two of them. I have more guitars than dogs.

I enjoy good food (both making it and eating it) and washing it down with a good ale. Since I now live in Portland, OR., I have easy access to great food and beer and this makes me happy.

Jazz also makes me happy – I’ve been listening to a lot of Gypsy Jazz lately  (manouche). I think the playing of Biréli Lagrène is pure genius.

Contact me at via email: jamil.alvi@yahoo.com or on Linked in. I also hang out on Twitter @zencrayon


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